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Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer & Portable Bottle Warmer

$10.00 $55.00

Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer comes with a powder dispenser & an insulated flask, which keeps the hot water in the bottle warm for many hours. It eliminates the need to pour/measure hot water and Formula when required for night time feeding, and reduces any accidental spillages when out and about or travelling. Myybaby Baby Formula Mixer is an all in one product which reduces the need to carry multiple items.  Only suits Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles, and Avent bottles.


  • Stores & mixes hot water & formula in one product
  • 2 in 1 product, Bottle insulator & powder dispenser
  • Keeps hot water warm for hours
  • Easy to use, simply press, shake to mix & feed
  • Reduces the need to carry multiple items
  • Reduces accidents & spillages
  • Reduces the risk of bacteria build up
  • Powder dispenser stores upto 9 scoops of formula
  • Scoop levels to eliminate errors in countin
  • Attaches on to your own baby bottle (compatible with Avent and Tommee TippeeClosure to Nature Only) for formula use.
  • Flask can Store all brands of bottles for those who express or use cows milk


What is the Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer? The Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer is a unique product which lets you store hot water and formula milk in one product, when you need to make a feed you simply press and shake to mix.

How does the Myyfeed Baby Formula mixer work? The Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer works by separately storing the formula milk from the hot water and when pressed the plunger is released and the formula falls into the hot water to mix. The specially designed flask allow you to store your baby bottle inside the flask and keeps the hot water warm for many hours.

What problem does the Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer solve? The Myyfeed baby formula mixer allows you to store hot water and Formula milk in one product, it combines a baby bottle, Flask & powder dispenser into one product and therefore reduces the need to carry multiple items. As the Formula milk and hot water is pre measured and stored for when needed, it eliminates the need to pour/measure the hot water and formula at the moment when required, Making it quicker to make a feed and less stressful. It also reduces accidents and spillages which may occur when trying to make a feed in the early morning, when in the car or out shopping.

What baby bottle brand is the Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer compatible with? The Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer is compatible with a 5oz & 9oz size Tommee Tippee Closure to Nature bottles & Philips Avent Natural & Classic range of bottles.

How do I use the Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer with Philips Avent bottles? As Philips Avent bottles are longer then Tommee Tippee bottles the bottle should be stored inside the thermal flask without the dispenser attached. Once feed is required then attach the dispenser & attachment ring to the bottle, press and then shake to mix.

How do I use the Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer with Tommee Tippee bottles? Firstly you attach the baby bottle onto the powder dispenser and store inide the thermal flask, the flask has been designed to fit Tommee Tippee bottles inside. Finally you place the teat on top and seal with the flask lid. When feed is required simply take out, press and then shake to mix.

Why do you have to mix hot water with Formula milk? Formula milk is not sterile and may contain harmful bacteria, to ensure you make a safe feed always mix formula milk with hot water at 70ºC, as at this temperature the hot water kills any bacteria present in the Formula milk. Remember 70ºC is NOT the feeding temperature, you should always check the temperature of the milk before feeding your child.

How long does the Myyfeed Baby formula mixer keep the water warm for? Our uniquely designed flask allows you to store your baby bottle directly inside the flask and keeps the hot water in the baby bottle warm for hours. Please check the chart in the "key facts" section for full details on temperature durations.

What else can you use the Myyfeed Baby Formula Mixer for? The Myyfeed thermal flask has been uniquely designed and engineered so that you can store your baby bottle directly inside of it, the thermal flask will keep the baby bottle warm or cool for hours. If you feed your child expressed milk then you can use the thermal flask to keep the bottle of expressed milk warm or cool. The thermal flask can also be used to store food jars keeps them warm or cool.  (Any brand of bottle will fit directly inside the thermal flask without the powder dispenser being connected)

How much formula milk can the powder dispenser store? The Powder dispenser has been designed to store up to 9 scoops of Formula milk and has scoop measurements on the side to help aid in remembering how much formula has been scooped into the powder dispenser

Why is the Push Button hard to press down? The Push Button can be slightly stiff when pressed down for the first couple of usages, but after it has been used, washed and cleaned a couple of times the rubber softens and it becomes a lot easier to press the Push Button down.

Why does the plunger inside the powder dispenser remain suspended when pressed? The powder dispenser has been uniquely designed so that when you press to release the formula into the hot water the plunger remains connected and suspended. The plunger then acts like a mixing spoon when you are shaking to mix and breaks up any clumps in the milk as it can rotate in all directions giving a better mixed milk.

Why does water leak from the baby bottle?  To prevent any potential water leakages from the baby bottle please ensure the Oring seal is clipped on the underside of the powder container and the flat side of the Oring seal is facing outwards. Please also ensure that the baby bottle is securely attached to the powder container.   

How do you clean the Myybaby Baby Formula Mixer? The powder dispenser is dishwasher & steriliser friendly, to clean you simply disassemble the powder dispenser, rinse with hot water and scrub gently with any standard bottle brush. It can then be placed in the dishwasher or steriliser.  The flask can be rinsed with hot water and left to dry.