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Non-Contact Infrared Door Exit Switch


This infrared sensor can replace the old push button switch on automatic exit doors so that they will open with just a wave of your hand. The sensor will trigger an internal relay when your open hand comes within 100mm of the panel. No actual contact is required so there can be no transfer of contagions from one person to the next. The sensor is mounted on a stainless steel plate and has indicator LEDs built in to signal that the switch has been activated.

• 12VDC supply voltage
• 3A @ 30VDC contact rating

Product Dimensions
Length 115mm
Width 70mm
Depth 30mm
Product Mounting
Mounting Method Screw Down Bracket
Attachment / Securing Method Screw Down
DC Voltage Rating
DC Voltage 12V
DC Current Rating
DC current rating 3A
Warranty: 12 Months