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Non-Contact Thermometer with 12 Dot Lasers for Target Area


Safely measure temperatures from -50°C up to 600°C in hard to reach places, and hot or hazardous areas. The built-in laser produces 12 points to indicate the 12:1 distance to spot ratio. and an adjustable emissivity setting provides accurate and repeatable measurements based on the type of material you are measuring. Features include low and high limit alarms, and a large colour LCD screen. The laser can be turned off when it isn’t required. Powered from 2 x AAA batteries (included).

Measures Temperature
Measures in Celcius yes
Indoor / Interior Scale -50°C-600°C
Optical Temperature Sensor
Emissivity 0.1 -1 
Power from disposable battery
Size / Shape AAA
Type Alkaline
Battery quantity 2pc
Batteries included yes
Meter Data Control
Data Hold yes
Colour of Laser Red
Max Laser Power 1mW
Lighting Details
Beam spread 10°-10°
Colour wavelength 620nm-690nm
Product Dimensions
Width 150mm
Height 94mm
Depth 40mm
Weight 110g