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Complete set of wrenches to service oil filters on most domestic and imported cars or light trucks

Heat-treated durable steel with black oxide finish resisting corrosion Specially designed for 1 on 2 step models, fitting various flute designs.

Extensive set designed for a wide range of vehicles. Cap type filter wrenches, made from 7 and 16 gauge steel, will withstand up to 115Nm (85lb.ft) of torque. Designed to grip like sockets, thereby minimizing the possibility of crushed filters. The adaptor allows use with 3/8" or 1/2"Sq drive wrenches. Adjustable oil filter wrench Ø65-120mm. Supplied in carry-case.

Includes sizes: 93/36, 100/15, 96/18, 76/14, 73/14, 78/15, 92/10, 86/16, 95/15, 93/15, 86/18, 80/15, 106/15, 76/8, 93/45, 76/30, 108/15, 108/18, 90/15, 74/15, 76/12, 66/6,

65-67-14, 74-76-15, 74-76-15, 80-82-15, 75-77-15

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