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Portable External Powerbank Backup Charger


Portable External Powerbank Backup Charger

Multifunction digital movable charger. Using the efficient boost converter and battery protective IC. It’s built in intelligent identification chip-sate able to identify different kinds of digital products, the voltage & electric current. It’s built-in high-capacity battery, small appearance, wide scope of application, longevity life, high cost-performance. You can used it to charge your cell phone, digital camera, PDA, PSP, MP3, MP4, iPad, iPod, DV and at any time.

Wide compatible
Double USB output
Powerful with long operation time
Portable and convenient
High efficiency of power conversion
Electricity-saving function
User friendly
Long cycle life
Rapid charge
Environmental friendliness & Economic Efficiency
High Capacity – Long Lasting:
Capacity: 20000mAh
Suitable for all Digital Devices with DC-5V Input
2 x USB Port

Colour: Silver, Blue, Gold, Pink and Black

Size: 14.5cm x 6cm

Product Code:P500