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Rice Strainer- 24,26,32,36,40,55,65,75,80cm

  • DESIGN- Our kitchen strainer has small and close holes helps draining fast, Not lose food out, The bottom also perforated to avoid water trap, No need to tilt the strainer. The finished stainless steel add to this drainer a nice looking while using it and make it a perfect idea for gifts and kitchen decoration.
  • You can use the JBinox pot strainer for every food. Get rid from the water and oils of your pasta in a few seconds or clean your potatoes, tomatoes, berries and every other vegetables and fruits effortlessly. In addition, you can use this food strainers as a countertop container, plate or displayer and save a lot of space.
  • Size: 24,26,32,36,40,55,65,75,80cm