RJ45 Cat 5 UTP Splitter - 150mm

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RJ45 plug to 2 x RJ45 sockets.
• Accommodates 2 services over the one cable.
• Two units required for typical application
• Standard wiring.
• Length 150mm.

How to operate two computers using the cat5 splitter
You will need two splitters, one at each end. Typically, connect the splitter to a wallplate and a seperate Cat5 cable to each computer. At the other end connect the splitter to the other wallplate and two seperate Cat5 cables to two ports of the hub/switch.

Computer Lead
Lead Type : Network
Cable Type : Cat5 UTP
Quality of lead : Standard
Length of Lead : 0.15m
Input Type : RJ45

Note: This product is unsuitable for gigabit networks.

Computer / IT Lead
Lead Type Network
Quality of lead Standard
Length of Lead 0.15m
Input Type RJ45
Cable Type Cat5 UTP
Input Connection Plug
Input Quantity 1pc
Output Type RJ45
Output Connection Socket
Output Quantity 2pc
Retractable Lead no
Product colour
Colour Light Grey

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