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Screwdriver Set 10 PCS


Soft Handle for a sure grip Chrome vanadium blade Magnetized Tip

Handles: Only premium quality materials, plastic products, are used in the handles. The ergonomic design of the handle minimizes muscle fatigue even hours of use and allows higher power transmission with reduced effort.

Blades: Only premium quality chrome vanadium steel is used in the production of blades. Due to the characteristics of this material, durability is increased and high resistance against torsional stress is achieved. The blades are mat chrome plated against corrosion.

Tips: Due to the quality of the steel used, the wear resistance is expressed by years. The tips which are black burnished for corrosion resistance, are also magnetized to hold screws.

Specifications: 10 PCS Screwdriver Set Type: Phillips : 0x75mm, 1x100mm, 1x125mm, 2x100mm, 2x38mm, Type: Flathead : 3.0x75mm, 4.0x100mm, 5.0x125mm, 6.0x100mm, 6.0x38mm