Sealed ABS Enclosure - 115 x 90 x 55mm

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- Operating temperature: -20 to 80 degrees
- Bosses on internal base allow fixing of PCBs horizontally, or connection of terminals etc.
- The lid and base incorporate a tongue and groove sealing systemwith a EPDM gasket
- Lid fixing screws are M-4 stainless steel (non-magnetic) into threaded brass inserts
- Wall mounting holes and lid fixing screws are outside the sealing area thus preventing the ingress of moisture and dust

Product Dimensions
Width 115mm
Height 55mm
Depth 90mm
Enclosures and Boxes
Material ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)  
PCB Internal Guide Slots no  
Internal Mounting Posts no  
Gasket sealing system no  
Lid Screws 4pc  
Gasket Material Neoprene  
Ventilation Holes


Product colour
Colour Dark Grey
Ingress Protection Rating
IP Rating IP65
Dust/Particle Ingress Protection 6 - Dust tight, no ingress of dust
Liquid/Moisture Ingress Protection 5 - Water jets
Warranty: 60 Months

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