Self-Levelling Cross Line Laser Level

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Product Features

  • Self-levelling.
  • Cross line.
  • Provides maximum line visibility in standard working conditions.
  • Easy-to-Use Laser Setup Modes.
  • Projects vertical, horizontal and cross lines.Lines can be projected separately or together for a variety of level and alignment applications.
  • Self-levels and indicates out-of-level condition; locks when switched off for secure laser transport.
  • Manual Mode.
  • Locks lines for use at any angle.
  • Include a positioning device with strong magnets.
  • Red beam laser.
  • Laser unit: Arima.
  • Wavelenght: 635nm.
  • Beam Accuracy: H/V Line +/-3mm/10m
  • Expanded Angle: HandV 120deg
  • Max. working distance: 20m.
  • Power Supply: 2xAA battery
  • Operating time: 8h
  • Ingression Protection Rate: IP54
  • Operating Temperature: -10deg C - +50deg C
  • Storage Temperature: -20deg C - +70deg C
  • Model Function: switchable manual model.

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