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Smartphone Ultraviolet Sensor Plug-in Module with APP


Turn your Smartphone into a pocket environment meter. Choose between four plug-in sensors that plug into the Smartphone's earphone socket to measure radiation, UV index, electromagnetic fields or temperature & humidity. By using a free downloadable APP for your iOS® and Android® device, you can see real time measurements or trigger an alarm when a pre determined measurement is reached. Intended for domestic use and readings, should only be used as a guide.

Plug-in UV Module for Smartphones 
Returns the UV index and power. Set the UV Index alarm to remind you to put on some sun block.


•    Measurements: UV (Ultraviolet)
•    Range:  240 - 380nm
•    Detects: UVA, UVB
•    UVI (UV Index) range: 0 - 12
•    UV Power: 0 - 6mW/cm2
•    Measurement error: ± 10%
•    Workable temperature: -20 - 50°C
•    Workable humidity: < 80%
•    Sensor type: Semiconductor sensor