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- It is easy to install without pulling wires. It is only necessary to fix the product on the wall with a screw.

- Solar outdoor lamp, using the energy of the sun for your night lighting.

- In the daytime, the light is not on, only in the night turn on the switch, when the sensor detects the human body can get high-brightness light.

- IP65 waterproof, heat-resistant solar lamp, suitable for most types of weather.

- Solar outdoor lights illuminate your garden, courtyard, aisle, porch, courtyard or driveway, etc.

- Specifications: Working hours: Full of electricity, 50 induction times per night, can work continuously for 3 to 4 days

- Function: 1. Sensing mode at night, people come lights on, people go lights off. 2. Induction mode at night, people come lights on, people walk slight bright.