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Thermos Air pot 12 Litre Twin Hot

$71.10 $79.00


Thermos Air pot 12 Litre Twin Hot Cold Flask

Great Quality

It lets you be healthy and fashionable.
Excellent for home or outdoor, camping, hiking, sports – just about anything.


– Easy to take out and put in by opening the cover
– Two inner 6L & 6L, both hot and cold
– Durable, clean, and exquisite
– PU foam insulated to keep cold and hot for a long period of time
– Convenient usage
– Two taps
– Convenient Handle
– Comes with 4 small cups, 2 inside each flask
– Keeps hot or cold for up to 8 hours

Basic Measurement:
33cm (H) X 40cm (W) X 18cm (L)