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Thermos Airport Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask 3L



Thermos Airport Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask 3L

Keeps hot or cold for up to 8 hours 

This is brand new Stainless Steel Flask and vacuum Thermos. 
The Airpot has a vacuum double wall which is designed to keep your beverages hot throughout use, it is also suitable for cold beverages. 

The flask has a large pump action button on top to dispense the beverage with ease and is ideal for most ages to pour, as you don’t have to pick it up. The elegant Stainless Steel design is durable, long lasting and comes with a handle for carrying. 

A must have item for your home as it is an ideal way to keep drinks hot or cold in events like picnics, parties, camping, board meetings and family gatherings. 

Basic Measurement: 
33cm (H) X 23cm X 17cm DIA 

Product code: ARIPOT3L