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ToolPRO Metal Cut Off Saw 355mm

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There are plenty of jobs where an angle grinder or a hacksaw just won’t cut it. If you need a tool with reliable cutting power for box steel, tube, rods and more, then check out the 240V 355MM cut off saw from ToolPRO. The 2000 watt motor spins the cutting disc at no load speed of 3000 RPM, which translates to effortless cutting of a wide variety of metals. The saw can cut at a wide variety of angles too - with a cutting capacity of 100mm at 90 degrees, and a maximum workpiece width of 230mm. For Mitre cuts, the head of the machine can be swivelled a full 75 degrees - 45 to the left and 30 to the right - giving you a whole lot more flexibility in how you cut your metal.

Setup is as simple as adjusting the flexible clamping jaw and the stop screw to suit your specifications, clamping your workpiece into the vice with the quick clamping lever and a few minor tweaks to seat it properly. Then, once your workpiece is secure, press the lock button and the on switch, let the disc spin up to speed, then with firm, even pressure guide the saw through your piece to make the perfect cut. If you let go of the switch, the saw will automatically stop, but absolute care should still be taken when using it - and remember to ALWAYS wear eye protection! Cut out the hassle of trying to saw or grind through metal for your projects,


  • Powerful, reliable mitre cuts across range of materials
  • 2000 watts offers power across a variety of meterials
  • 3000 RPM no-load speed for fast, efficient cutting
  • Suits 355mm diameter x 25.4mm bore discs
  • Cutting capacity at 90 degree; 50 x 230mm/ 100mm
  • Swivel rating 30 degree - 0 degree - 45 degree
  • 240V 10A mains power plug in


1 X Wrench 13mm for cutting wheels replacements

1 X Cut off saw

1 X Spare carbon brush 

1 X Cutting wheel 

1 X Built in clamp