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Truck Trailer Amber 12 LED Chrome Plated Led MarkerClearance Running Lights

$25.99 $35.99

This listing is for 2PCS × Brand New 12 LED Chrome Plated Led Marker/Clearance Running Lights .

Details :

-Colour :Amber /White (Please choose colour when you purchase )

-Sealed light assembly Led Marker Clearance Light.

-Amber, rectangular light functions as clearance, side marker light.

-Functions as both a clearance and side marker when mounted at a 45 degree angle.

-Chrome Plated housing.

-Surface mounts on 3-7/8" centers.

-Two-wire design.

-Dimensions: 4-4/5" L x 2" W x 1-1/2" D.

-Package included: 2x side marker lights