UHF 3 & 6 dBi Ground Plane Independent Antenna Kit

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High gain mobile antenna suitable for cars, RV's and trucks. Its ground independence maintains a stable radiation pattern in all mobile mounting applications, and its robust construction ensures excellent longevity and performance. Kit includes stainless spring & elevated feed base, 6.5db & 3dB factory tuned antennas, 5m RG58 lead with FME socket and PL259 adaptor, as well as bull bar and 'L' guard mounts.

• Gain: 3dB, 6.5dB* (* Reference to ¼ waves mounted on centre of Vehicle Roof)
• VSWR: * Impedance: 50 Ω
• Polarization: Vertical
• Radiation: Omni Directional
• Cable: LL195 Low loss
• Termination: FME socket + UHF plug to FME plug adaptor
• Base Materials: Stainless Steel Brass
• Antenna Length:
    - 3dBi: 450mm
    - 6dBi: 900mm

Product Dimensions
Cable length 5m
Weight 190g
Internal or Sub-part Dimensions
Length 450mm
Dimension details Shorter Antenna Length (3dBi Gain)
Transceivers and Communication
Communications Band CB
Mains powered
Frequency 476.42MHz-477.42MHz
Communications Antenna Equipment
Antenna length 900mm
Lead Length 5m
Device Connection FME
Antenna Gain 6.5dBi
Base / Mount Point Material 1/2inch BSW
Impedance 50Ω
Antenna Frequency range 476.425MHz-477.4125MHz
Polarization Vertical
Antenna or Accessory Type Whip
Warranty: 36 Months

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