Universal 12V-24V LED Light Bar Remote Flash Strobe Controller 7 Flashing Modes

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This listing is for 1 Brand New 12V-24V LED Light Bar Battery Box Flash Strobe Controller + Wireless Remote.


- 12-24V LED Light Bar Battery Box Flash Strobe Controller with Wireless Remote.

- Voltage: 12-24V

- Remote distance: up to 20m

- Control Strobe Light: 7 modes

- Support single output: 400W


- Support three-way output (max. power): 1200W

- Remote Control Battery: 27A 12V

- Wide operating voltage range

- 7 select flashing modes

- Suitable for For long high-power lights, work lights, car daytime running lights, car dome light, etc

- Size for LED Light Control Box(LxWxH): approx. 120x55x25mm/4.72inch x 2.16inch x 0.98inch

- Size for Wireless Remote(LxW): approx. 55x28mm/2.16inch x 1.10inch

- Main Color: Black

- How to connect wiring:

- The end of the two joints connecting the battery positive (+) and negative (-).

- The end of the four joints, connectors the light positive (+) and negative(-). (Common positive (+), three negative(R-G-B) select one.)

-Package included:
1 Piece LED Light control box
1 Piece Wireless Remote

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