Universal Animal Pak 30 Packs or 44 Packs

Size: 44 Packs
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nimal Pak lays the foundation for any successful training program by supporting the core processes that drive progress!

Although Animal Pak is technically a multi-vitamin, it would be a disservice to give it that label. Multi-vitamins definitely do good for the human body - they prevent deficiencies and keep each system running smoothly. But Animal Pak takes the multi-vitamin formula one step further...

Along with essential vitamins and minerals, Animal Pak contains the macronutrients, various performance enhancers, antioxidants, amino acids, and much more. With 55+ ingredients, it's hardly JUST a multi-vitamin.

Instead of a multi-vitamin, consider Animal Pak a do-it-all supplement designed to fill the gaps in your nutritonal program. Struggling to hit your amino numbers? Animal Pak combines essential and branched chain amino acids to form the ultimate muscle preservation complex. Having digestion problems? Animal Pak uses inulin, pepsin, and other digestive enzymes to boost nutrient absorption and digestion efficiency.

What doesn't Animal Pak do? Well, it's not a miracle worker. Without a solid and planned program in place, it won't work at its highest potential. But with a structured routine, Animal Pak acts as a sort of supplemental glue, providing the highest level of support. It's MUCH more than a multi-vitamin.


For best results, take one Pak of Animal Pak about 30 minutes before training. Those undergoing intense training can double the dose, but make sure to drink plenty of water.

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