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Universal USB 9V Step-Up Power Cable

Absolute genius! This adaptor provides you with 9V output from a common USB socket (usually 5V output). Useful for powering all sorts of 9V devices direct from a computer or other USB charging source. 9V @ 1A rated output. Includes 7 standard DC tips to suit your device. Note - your USB port must be equipped for high current charging (2.1A or greater). Some USB ports are 500mA rated. The device will work perfectly, but will not be able to provide the full 1A current at 9V. 

- USB 5V step-up to 9V converter
- Supplied with 7 standard DC tips
- Ideal for powering routers, radios, modems, car DVD players, etc
Power from Plugpack
DC Current Draw 1A-2.5A
Product Dimensions
Weight 41g
Cable length 500m
Operating Temperature
Operating Temperature -20°C