USB 2.0 Economy DVD Maker

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An easy to connect USB to video adaptor which allows you to capture high quality video and audio through a USB 2.0 interface to burn your own high definition DVD/VCDs. It's capable of real time recording MPEG 4/2/1 video formats. The compact size makes it ideal to take along anywhere. Operating couldn't be easier; with the one touch grabber; simply push the button to start and push again to stop.

System requirements
• Pentium-IV 1.6GHz or higher (recommended)
• 256MB RAM
• Graphics card (must support DirectX 9.0c)
• Sound card
• 1GB free HD space
• Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista

Display Converters
Input Signal Type Composite Video (CVBS),S-Video
Output Signal Type USB 2.0
Product Dimensions
Length 52mm
Width 50mm
Height 27mm

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