USB 3.0 Type-C Hub and Card Reader with Power Delivery

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Expand the connectivity of your computer with this card reader and hub combo with USB Type-C plug and power delivery socket. The unique power delivery system enables an existing Type-C power supply to charge your laptop while the hub is connected. It recognises and adjusts the device’s specific voltage requirement including 5,12,14.5 and 20V to support all laptops. The USB Type-C adaptor provides USB 3.0 speeds and features 2 x USB 3.0 ports, SDXC and microSD card reader slots and a USB Type-C power delivery socket on the back. This is ideal for use with the MacBook® to maximise the connectivity of its singular USB Type-C input.

USB Transfer Rate: up to 80Mbps 
Supported Card Size: up to 512GB SDXC, 256GB microSD 
Power Delivery Profile: 4 (20V, 3A Max)
Power Delivery Support: 2.0 (V1.1)
Product Dimensions
Length 81mm
Width 52mm
Height 15mm
USB Connectivity
Supported USB Standards USB 3.0
Number of USB ports 3 ports
Card Readers
Types of Cards Read SD
Number of Card Slots 2
Computer Hardware
Type of Hardware Hub

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