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USB 3.0 Type-C to Display Port Converter

This USB 3.0 Type-C to DisplayPort converter is designed to convert an existing DisplayPort signal to a new USB Type-C connector. This converter takes advantage of high performance USB Type-C connectors on new PC’s and MacBooks® and doesn’t need complicated drivers. Delivers up to 4 x 2K resolution depending on the application.

Interface: USB 3.0 Type-C
             Display Port V1.2
Resolution: Up to 4 x 2K, 60Hz
Product Dimensions
Length 43mm
Width 43mm
Depth 13mm
Computer / IT Lead
Lead Type USB 3.0
Quality of lead Standard
Input Type USB Type C
Input Connection Plug
Input Quantity 1pc
Output Type Display Port
Output Connection Socket
Output Quantity 1pc
Directional yes
Warranty: 12 Months