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USB IR Extender Kit


Serious entertainment system lovers and clutter haters need to invest in this plug-and-play infrared extender. Heavy cabinetry and no line-of-sight are no longer interference issues - simply position the IR Receiver near your AV device and the IR Transmitter near your source devices. The IR Receiver captures signals from your remote controls and the unit re-emits the signals for the source devices at the IR Transmitter. Multiple powerful emitters inside the IR Transmitter enable it to work effectively from a wide range of positions in front of your source. The unit draws power from your AV device by plugging straight into one of the available USB ports, freeing up your power sockets for other AV equipment. If you don’t have a free USB port for power, simply use a USB power supply (available separately).

• Infrared technology
• 10m reception range
• Powered by your AV device

Power Input: USB 2.0
                   5VDC 1000mA
Reception Frequency: 38-56kHz
Dimensions: 3m long (USB plug to receiver)
                  3m long (receiver to transmitter)

A/V Switcher or Converter
Power Requirement External Power Required
Switcher/Converter Type IR Extender
Power from Plugpack
DC Plugpack Voltage 5V
DC Current Draw 1A
Warranty: 12 Months