Water Displacing Lubricant Spray Can 175g

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Multi-use water displacing and rust preventing lubricant specially formulated for use with electronic and mechanical assemblies. Displaces moisture from metal surfaces including: relays, switches,distributors etc.

Quickly penetrates rusted and corroded metal parts like nuts and bolts, valves, and tools. Also removes grease, chewing gum, adhesives, crayons... from most surfaces.

Classified as dangerous goods
DG UN Number 1950
DG Class 2.1
DG Pack Group Not Required
DG Hazardous Chemical Code Not applicable
DG Ship Name 1950 - Aerosols flammable less than 1L
Dangerous Road Freight yes
Dangerous Air Freight yes
Aerosol spray type Spray can
Aerosol Weight 175g
Service Aid Chemicals
Service Aid Lubricant
Physical state Liquid Spraycan
Chemical container type Spray Can

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