Wireless Gateway Home Automation Controller

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  Have you ever dreamt of controlling your homes lighting and appliances remotely?
•    Have you ever wanted to turn your homes lights and appliances off and activate your security system with the touch of one button?
•    Have you ever been on holidays and wanted to check on your home via video and be updated via Email of any events?

Security Alarm Function
•    Real Time / Emergency Notifications Via email
•    Home Automation Control Timers, scene control, remote operation
•    Video Surveillance IP cameras support for live video monitoring
•    Cost Effective True wireless connectivity
•    Easy Installation DIY simple installation
Fully secure your home with the LA-5570 Wireless Gateway. Featuring a wide range of wireless accessories such as door and window switches, PIR motion detectors and smoke detectors.  You can easily build up a fully secure home environment to protect your home, family and property. Use either the wireless digital pulse input or the analogue input modules to connect a range of hard wired security sensors.  

Real Time Event / Emergency Notification
The LA-5570 Wireless Gateway provides real time email notification allowing you to be immediately informed of a break in or panic notification.

Your LA-5570 Wireless Gateway is more than a fancy security system.  It offers total control of your home appliances, lighting and power outlets. The LA-5570 can control your entire home allowing you to monitor and control appliances remotely via your iPhone or web browser.

Have you ever forgotten to turn off the iron?  Now you can simply pick up your phone and switch of the appliances off from anywhere in the world. Going on holidays?  Your LA-5570 can turn on and off lighting at various times so that it appears someone is at home. When you are at home and want to sit down and enjoy a movie on the big screen, at the press of a button, the lights will dim, the popcorn machine turns on and the movie begins.

Video Surveillance
Need to check on the dog? Make sure the teenagers are behaving while out to dinner? Through the Web user interface or you iPhone you can easily monitor and control your IP cameras, allowing you to easily monitor live video footage of your home anytime anywhere.

Cost Effective
Most professional home automation systems require your home to be pre wired costing many thousands of dollars just for the install! But with the LA-5570 Wireless Gateway, it can offer you  the same level of functionality and its all DIY! The system uses premium wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee® technologies to provide a very cost effective DIY solution.

Easy Install
The system uses premium wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and ZigBee® connecting all the devices such as the door sensors, PIR movement detectors, smoke detectors, temperature monitor, plug in appliance switch all remotely without wires . Providing a very cost effective, DIY solution.

Warranty: 12 Months

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