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Wireless Infrared Remote Control Extender


Wirelessly control your video sources such as cable TV, streaming boxes or Blu-Ray/DVD players from another room. Infrared remote controls usually have an effective range of only 5-10m, however this extender allows you to use your remote control on devices up to 50m away! Features in-built infrared ports for easy operation and infrared extension cables if you have devices hidden inside a wall or TV cabinet. Supports up to 4 receivers with the purchase of additional kits for control to one or more TVs from the one source. Perfect for controlling a source device which is being displayed in a bedroom, garage, conference room or an outside entertainment area. Includes infrared emitter cable, infrared receiver cable and two mains power adaptors.

Note: Transmission distance varies depending upon the obstacles in between the transmitter and receiver such as walls or solid objects.

A/V Switcher or Converter
Power Requirement External Power Required
Switcher/Converter Type IR Extender,IR Extender
Power from Plugpack
DC Plugpack Voltage 5V
DC Current Draw 60mA
Suitable PSU Included  
Item Connection USB Micro Type B
Mains PSU Included with Product
Mains Connection Type Mains AU/NZ 2 Pin (No Earth)
Included PSU Rated for AU Mains  
Included PSU Rated for US Mains  
Included PSU Auto-selects voltage  
PSU Output Lead Length 1.2m
Power from Plugpack (secondary)
Suitable PSU Included  
USB Powered
USB Voltage Input 5V-5V
USB Input Current 60mA-60mA
USB Item Connection Micro B USB
Infrared Remote Control Extender
IR Input Range 5m-5m
IR Output Range 5m-5m
Foxtel IQ Compatible  
Extender Type RF Wireless
IR Input Location On board / built-in,Remote wired sensor
Maximum Range 50m
IR Signal Fequency Compatibility 20kHz-60kHz
Wireless Transmission
Transmission frequency 433MHz
Transmission range 50m
Receiver Antenna Style Stub
Transmitter Antenna Style Stub
Product Dimensions
Depth 121mm
Width 95mm
Height 20mm
Weight 40g