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Digitech Wireless UHF Lapel Microphone & Receiver


An easy to use wireless UHF lapel microphone system is perfect for a number of applications. The transmitter, rechargeable via USB, is a compact sized case with a 6.5mm jack that connects directly to an input of a speaker, mixer or amplifier. The lapel microphone with 1.8m cable connects to the belt pack transmitter that clips onto your waist or fits into your pocket. The belt pack transmitter has up to 7 selectable UHF frequencies, volume control and is also rechargeable by USB. The systems effective range is up to 30m on average, making it ideal for street announcers/performers, pubs, club functions, etc.


- Up to 30m Wireless Range
- Up to 6 Hours Hours Play Time
- USB Rechargeable Batteries
- 7 Selectable UHF Frequencies
- 6.5mm Receiver Output
- Uni-Directional Lapel Mic

Box Contents:
1 x Wireless UHF Belt Pack Transmitter
1 x Wireless UHF Receiver
1 x Lapel Microphone
1 x 6.5mm Socket to 3.5mm Plug Adaptor
1 x 2-Way USB Charging Cable