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110 Piece 12V Rotary Tool Set

$68.90 $74.90

Drill, saw, sand, polish, carve or grind in your workshop or out on the road. 100+ bits and attachments cover every possible task you'll ever need. The rotary tool is rated for 12V at 12,000 RPM. Ideal for hobby or professional use.
Rotary tool: 12VDC, 16W, 12,000 RPM

• Sanding belts 3 x 6mm
• Sanding belts 3 x 12mm
• Polishing wheel
• 4pcs felt wheel
• 4pcs HSS cutter
• 6pcs diamond cutter
• 8 x silicon carbide grinding wheel
• HSS drills: 2.4, 1.6, 2 x 3.2mm
• 10 x cut off wheel
• 36 x sanding disc
• 2 x brass wire brush
• 1 x silicon carbide dressing stone
• Collets and arbours for all attachments
• Case size: 320(L) x 210(W) x 60(D)mm