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12 - 22V 90W Laptop Power Supply


This universal laptop power supply has adaptors to fit the major manufacturers' DC power input sockets, and enough grunt to suit all but the most power demanding laptop models. Voltage is manually selectable and unit is supplied with 9 different connectors to suit a wide variety of different laptops. It can even charge those pesky new Dell laptops!

Computer Power Supplies
Number of plugs or sockets 9pc
Includes USB Charge Port  
Suitable For Laptop
Voltage Display  
Voltage Selection Manual switch
Plugs to Suit Dell,Acer,Samsung,Toshiba,Sony
DC Current Rating
DC current rating 6A
DC Voltage Rating
DC Voltage 12V,22V
Mains powered
Rated for US Mains  
Auto-select mains voltage  
Mains Voltage Range 100V-240V
Rated for AU Mains  
Mains lead included  
Power Rating
Continuous Power 90W
Product Dimensions
Width 58mm
Height 37mm
Length 150mm
Warranty: 12 Months