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12V 850A Jump Starter and Powerbank with 10W Wireless QI Charger

$340.00 $369.00

It wasn't long ago that so called "portable" jump starters were about as portable as 4 bricks with a handle on top. Things have changed a lot since then thanks to lithium battery technology. Indeed, this unit weighs in at around half a kilogram and could almost fit inside a shirt pocket!
Not only is it light and portable with a whopping 850A cranking current, it also features a wireless Qi charger for your phone and two USB sockets for your other devices. You won't be caught in the dark either thanks to the built in torch with SOS beacon function. Charging is via the onboard USB C socket.

• LiCoO2 Battery
• Reverse Polarity Protection
• Short Circuit Protection
• Low Voltage Protection
• Overheat Protection

Qi Charging
Output Power Fast Charge 10W
Max Charging Disctance 10mm
DC Current Rating
DC current rating 400A
DC Voltage Rating
DC Voltage 12V
Power from rechargeable battery
USB Charge Connection USB Type C
Shape Lithium Rechargeable Battery Cell/Pack
Voltage 12V
Capacity 12000mAh
USB rechargeable  
USB Powered
USB Voltage Outputs 5
USB Current Output 2A-2.1A
Has USB power output?  
Jump Starters
LED Light  
Jump Start Battery Connection Alligator Clips
Product Dimensions
Width 89mm
Height 42mm
Length 193mm
Weight 560g