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Powertech 140A Dual Battery Isolator (VSR)


Allows two batteries to be charged from your engine alternator at the same time. When your engine is on and the start battery is sufficiently charged the isolator kit will begin charging the second (auxiliary) battery simultaneously. When the voltage of the start battery drops (i.e.. the engine is stopped) the isolator kit disengages from charging the auxiliary battery. This isolates the start battery and eliminates the possibility of draining it, ensuring that you always have enough charge to start your engine, and also protects sensitive electronic equipment powered from the auxiliary battery from harmful engine start-up spikes. Suitable for 12VDC Marine, 4WD, caravan and solar applications.

• Emergency override feature
• LED status indicator

• Continuous rating: 140A
• Intermittent rating: 170A
• Voltage rating: 12VDC (max 15VDC)
• Cut in voltage: 13.7VDC
• Cut off voltage: 12.8V
• Isolator dimensions: 67(L) x 67(W) x 53(H)mm

Product Dimensions
Width 67mm
Height 53mm
Weight 240g
Length 67mm
Measures Voltage DC
DC Voltage Ranges 12V
DC Volts Measurement Range 12V-15V