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15.6Ah External Fridge Battery with Internal Charge Controller


This high-capacity battery turns your 12V Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezer into a battery-operated model, enabling you to keep your food and drinks cold for many hours while you are away from a power source. With its 15,600mAh rated capacity, the Li-ion battery pack can keep a 50L fridge cool at 5 degrees for up to 12 hours when the ambient temperature is 25 degrees. Long enough for a day at the beach, a day out on the water, an all-day picnic in the park, or at home during extended blackouts. There are also dual USB ports so you can charge your USB powered devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, portable speakers, etc.

To charge, simply connect to an external 12vDC power source (car cigarette cable or 240vAC->12vDC mains adapter, as used by your fridge) and the internal charging circuitry takes care of the rest. Also compatible with other fridge brands that use the C11 power connector. 

- Massive 15,600mAh capacity
- Dual 2.1A USB ports
- Internal charging circuitry
- Power status LEDs
- Metal case

Capacity: 11.1V 15600mAh 173.16Wh
Input: 12VDC 6A
1 x 12VDC 4A (8A max.)
2 x 5.1V 2.1A (3.6A Shared max.)
Weight: 1.35kg

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