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2 Way Illuminated Blue Rocker Switch Panel

$57.99 $64.90
Straight forward installation and wiring, with just four connections - everything else is pre-wired! Then all you need to do is connect your various peripheral devices. Switches are rated at 20A for a 12V system (10A for 24V) up to a maximum 45A per panel. The LED illumination is powered separately, so you can run it through a switch or dimmer too.

- Easy installation
- High quality switches
- Blue LED illumination

Switch Rating: 12VDC @ 20A, 24VDC @ 10A
Panel Rating: 45A
Electromechanical Switch
Switch Type Rocker
Switch Function Locking On/Off
Switch Connection Spade Terminals
Product Mounting
Square Mount Hole Width 42mm
Square Mount Hole Height 50mm
DC Voltage Rating
DC Voltage 12V,24V
DC Current Rating
DC current rating 20A
Product Dimensions
Width 70mm
Height 69mm
Weight 105g
In-built Illumination
Nominal Voltage 12V
Type 5mm Standard LED
Illumination Colour Blue
Illumination Position Top