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35W D4R/D4S HID Headlight Bulbs 6000K--2PCS


General 55W halogen lamps can only produce 1000 lumens of light, and 35W xenon lamp produces 3200 lumens of light, brightness increasing by 300 percent, with long and ultra-wide-angle broad vision, to bring you an unprecedented driving comfort sense, let the night is no longer dark, clearer vision can greatly reduce the traffic accident rate.

HID xenon lamp use electronic excitation gas emitting, no tungsten exists, therefore longer life expectancy of about 3000 hours, greatly exceed the total number of cars when traveling at night. Halogen only 500 hours.

Strong power saving: a xenon lamp is only 35W, and 55W halogen lamp issue is 3.5 times more light, greatly reduce the load on the vehicle electrical system, the power loss save 40% corresponding increase in vehicle performance, energy conservation.

Constant output, safe and reliable: When the vehicle power supply system and battery failure, the ballast automatically shut down to stop working.

Power: 70w/Set & 35w/bulb
Lumen: 7600 Lms/Set & 3800 Lms/bulb
Waterproof rate : IP 67
Connector Type :Plug-N-Play
Bulb Type: D4R/D4S
Color Temperature: 6000K

Kindly Note: This is for OEM Factory HID Light Bulb replacement, NOT HID Kit