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360 Degree 3 Tier Removable Rotating Kitchen Storage Rack (BLACK)

$59.99 $99.00

This rotating storage rack is made of high-quality durable metal with black painted anti-rust finish

It has a convenient spinner basket design for ease of use and can be used for multiple functions. The guardrails on both sides increase the layer distance to protect the goods from sliding.

You can place it in the living room for easy-to-eat fruit and treats for your guests, in the bathroom so your beauty and bath products are organized, or in the kitchen so your ingredients are organized Being stored away, cooking will be easier and easier.


  • Can be rotated freely 360°, which helps the trolley move in a small space.
  • This practical metal storage basket will meet your long-term storage needs.
  • There are 2 lockable universal rollers at the bottom, which can easily stop the storage rack and fix it effectively.


  • Colour – Black
  • Material – Carbon steel, plastic
  • Number of layers – 3 layers
  • Single layer height – 14cm
  • Size – 30 × 30 × 57cm
  • Weight – 2400 grams
  • Box Dimensions (mm) -  570x310x310