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Digitech 3W VHF Marine Radio Transceiver - Waterproof

$200.00 $209.00

A VHF radio on a boat is a must have. You never know when your boat may be rendered inoperative by engine malfunction, a storm, rogue waves, or a monster from the deep. This transceiver will give you coverage of all international VHF marine channels so you can call for help when needed or communicate with other boats. This unit is fully submersible so if you find your boat has been capsized and you are stuck under the hull you know you'll be still be able to call for help. Includes a Li-ion rechargeable battery pack, AC adaptor, charging cradle and belt clip. 


• 3W Switchable output power
• Backlit LCD
• Dual and triple watch function
• Channel scan function
• One-touch emergency channel 16
• Auto power saver mode

Product Dimensions
Width 60mm
Depth 35mm
Length 130mm
Ingress Protection Rating
IP Rating IP67
Transceivers and Communication
Communications Band marine
Radio Channels 88
How is unit mounted? Handheld
Emergency Channel Switch yes
Transceiver Power Source Internal Battery
Backlit LCD yes
Line of Sight Range 10km
Charging dock included? yes
CB Output Power 3W
Number of included CB Radios 1
Warranty: 12 Months