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4.3" TFT Monitor Rear View Mirror + Camera Kit

$60.00 $89.00

Latest & Popular 4.3" TFT LCD Monitor + Rear View Camera.

This kit is used for 12V vehicle.

It acts as a normal rear view mirror, and reflector will automatically appears when the monitor is turned off. So you can clip it over your original mirror, and it will show rearview image; while it is connected with rear view camera (including in this package), the rear view image will appear on the screen automatically when reversing the car.


AV signal auto detecting power on/off Under power-off condition. When reverse gear is on, the system automatically starts to search for the camera signal and display backup video. When parking is finished, it will switch off automatically.

Car Camera features:


Applicable to variety of vehicles: car, mini-truck, mini-van etc

Image sensor: PC1030 (Distance reference marking display)

Power supply: DC 12V

S/N Radio: better than 48db

Video output: RCA connector

Waterproof grade: IP67

Package Included:

1x 4.3 Inch Car rearview Monitor
1x Power Cable
1x Car Backup Camera