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8L Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezer with QI Wireless Charger

$469.00 $499.00

This feature-packed compressor-type fridge is designed to replace the factory centre console in a large 4x4, so you can always have cold drinks and fresh food within reach while you're on the road. Thanks to the integrated wireless phone charger, there's no need for messy cables to charge your Qi-supported phone, however, two USB ports are also provided for phones or gadgets that don’t have wireless charging. The fridge can run off 12V or 24V and is supplied with a cable to connect to the cigarette lighter power socket. A 3-stage low voltage battery protection helps avoid your vehicle’s battery from going flat, and a dual mode operation (Fast cooling or energy saving) can be easily set from the control panel with temperature display. The lid is finished in a soft leather-looking material for those of you who like to rest an arm on the centre console. Backed by a 3-year warranty.

- QI wireless charging
- High efficiency DC compressor and conversion module
- Dual mode operation (Max. and Economy)
- 0.25kWh power usage per 24 hour period

Internal or Sub-part Dimensions
Length 235mm
Width 112mm
Depth 270mm
Portable Refrigeration Equipment or Cooler/Warmer
Insulation material CFC and HFC free PU Foam
Refrigerant / Thermal Device R134a
Temperature setting range -20°C-20°C
Functions Refrigerator
Device type Fixed installation refrigerator
External Material Metal
Fridge internal capacity 8l
Vehicle or Vessel Powered
Current Draw 1.875A-3.75A
Required Voltage 12V-24V
Power Rating
Continuous Power 45W
Product Dimensions
Length 538mm
Width 190mm
Height 390mm
Weight 9kg
Warranty: 36 Months