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1-13SRBP Auto Ignition Single Burner Stainless Steel Panel Gas Stove

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Auto Ignition Stainless Steel Single Burner LPG Gas Cooker / Cooktop with removable brass burner caps, flame failure safety device, certified for indoor use

Also ideal to use as an emergency back up stove or for camping. Auto ignition - no lighter required.

Fully compliant with NZ Gas Regulations, Certified for Indoor use

FFSD – If the flame is accidently extinguished by sudden wind or cooking spills, the safety device will automatically cut off the gas to prevent gas leaks

Connects onto a normal BBQ gas cylinder
Automatic ignition – NO mains power or batteries required
Gas Type: LPG
Gas Pressure: 2.8 kPa
Gas Inlet: 1/4” BSP-M CONED
A NZ Certified QCC regulator and 1.5m hose with the correct size end fitting supplied with this gas cooker. Please refer to the pictures.
HIGH HEAT CAPACITY: 15.5 MJ/h = 4.3KW = 14691BTU/h
Burner: 120mm - High-Efficiency BRASS swirl flame burner cap – NO RUST
Enameled trivet to withstand high temperature
Easy flame control, with high, medium or low flame operation
Full stainless steel body, easy to clean and maintain
Minimum BASE diameter of flat base POT and PAN = 16cm
Durable design will last for years if maintained correctly