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Brampton House Memory Foam Pillow White Regular

$25.00 $40.00

Feel the comfort of this delightful Brampton House Memory Foam Pillow. If you are looking for the perfect goodnight sleep, this high quality polyester plus polyurethane made memory foam pillow will surely give you the ultimate comfort. Feel well rested and enjoy the comfortable feel that is definitely satisfying. It is one of the softest pillows to rest your head on and ensure that you will have the best sleep time.

Country Of Origin:    Made In China.

Composition:   Polyester, Polyurethane

Filling:    Polyurethane

Dimensions:    43 cm x 72 cm

Washing Instructions:

Thoroughly air pillow before use. Always use a separate pillowcase and preferably a pillow protector to prevent soiling. 

Do not wash.