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Bubble: Bathroom 3-Piece Set - White Marble Stone

$15.00 $39.00

Bathroom Accessory Set – stylish organisation for your bathroom or laundry counter

Made of quality polyresin and natural stone, each piece has a solid weight and feel, with an artistic textured pattern and classic marbled look. Hard to tip over, and more difficult to break than ceramic or glass – perfect for the bathroom or laundry where space is limited.


White marble stone colour bathroom accessories, with artistic texture pattern
Will not leave any marks on your countertop, easy to clean.
Durable and suitable for homes, hotels / motels, office buildings.

Contents – 1 x Liquid Soap Dispenser (soap pump), 1 x Tumbler / Toothbrush Holder, 1 x Soap Dish.
Dimensions – 92 × 92 × 171mm / 84 × 84 × 102mm / 139 × 99 × 28mm
Materials – Polyresin & natural stone; stainless steel; plastic
Weight – 1076g
Colour – White Marble Stone