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Bubble: Bathroom 3-Piece Set - White Stone (RYX6101-WS)

$15.00 $39.00

Bathroom Accessory Set – stylish organisation for your bathroom or laundry counter

Made of quality polyresin and natural stone, each piece has a solid weight and feel, with an artistic textured pattern and subtle speckle design. Hard to tip over, and more difficult to break than ceramic or glass – perfect for the bathroom or laundry where space is limited.


White stone colour bathroom accessories, with a subtle speckle design & artistic texture pattern Will not leave any marks on your countertop, easy to clean. Durable and suitable for homes, hotels / motels, office buildings. Specifics:

Contents – 1 x Liquid Soap Dispenser (soap pump), 1 x Tumbler / Toothbrush Holder, 1 x Soap Dish. Dimensions – 92 × 92 × 171mm / 84 × 84 × 102mm / 139 × 99 × 28mm Materials – Polyresin & natural stone; stainless steel; plastic Weight – 1076g Colour – White Stone