Butane Gas Can

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Use it for filling up your gas soldering irons as well as flame torches, cigarette lighters etc.
- Includes five different adaptors which cover most different nozzles.
- Includes filling instructions.
- 150 grams.
- Cannot be sent by air freight.

Aerosol Weight 150g
Aerosol type Refill Cylinder
Service Aid Chemicals
Service Aid Butane
Physical state Compressed Gas
Chemical container type Pressurized Cylinder / Can
Classified as dangerous goods
DG Sub Risk Code N/A
DG UN Number 1950
DG Ship Name 1950 - Aerosols flammable less than 1L
DG C.A.S. Number 68475-59-2
DG Class 2.1
DG Pack Group II - Medium Danger
DG Hazardous Chemical Code 2YE
Dangerous Road Freight yes
Dangerous Air Freight yes

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