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Button Head Needle Point Screws 8G-15X15MM



High performance multipurpose screw equipped with a Phillips No. 2 drive large diameter low profile neat finish head. Available with a self piercing hardened needle point. Protected with Gold zinc lubricated coating with Class 2 and zinc plated for Class 3 corrosion resistance properties. Manufactured as per the Australian Standards: AS 3566 and AS/NZS 4411-2015.


Comes with self piercing hardened needle point for fast insertion and a self centered start.

Precision thread design for homogeneous load distribution.

Able to use with high speed drills of 2200rpm.

These screws are designed for general purpose use and fastening sheet metal to cladding.


Colour: Gold

Head Type: Button Head

Point Type: Needle Point

Corrosion Resistance: Class 2

Phillips Drive: 2

Gauge: 8