Concord 4K HDMI Cat5e/6 Extender

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Send UHD 4K signals from a set top box, media player, or other video source to another room up to 50m away over an ethernet Cat6 cable. Ideal for Pay TV, home theatre systems, meeting rooms, or to connect a computer to a display that’s not in close proximity.

Supports the latest standards including HDCP 2.2 and High Dynamic Range (HDR). There is an HDMI loop output on the transmitter, and the EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) can be switched to copy either the source or output device.
Use your remote control on the receiver end for full control of your devices using the integrated infrared extender.

Power is sent to the receiver over the Cat cable, and the infrared emitter and receiver each have short leads so you can mount the main units out of view.
A/V Switcher or Converter
Input Connection HDMI Type-A
Number of Outputs 1pc
Power Requirement External Power Required
Remote Control Infra-red (IR)
Maximum Output Cable Length 50m
Switcher/Converter Type Balun Extender
Output Type HDMI
Output Connection HDMI Type-A
Input type HDMI
Number of inputs 1pc
Power from Plugpack
DC Plugpack Voltage 12V
DC Current Draw 1000mA
PSU Powers Main Product
Video Resolution
Supported Display Resolution 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
HDMI Version 2.0b
Resolution Frequency 30Hz-60Hz
HDR Version HDR 10
HDMI Maximum Data Rate 18Gb/s
HDMI Maximum Colour Depth 8b
HDCP Version 2.2,1.4
Audio Format
Digital Audio Format LPCM,Dolby TrueHD,DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1,DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1,Dolby Digital/Plus/Ex,Dolby Atmos,DTS-X
Infrared Remote Control Extender
Signal Connection Type 3.5mm Mono
Extender Type Balun (UTP Cable)
IR Input Location Remote wired sensor
IR Output Location Remote wired emitter
IR Signal Fequency Compatibility 20kHz-60kHz
Signal Extender Balun
Signal Type HDMI
Connecting Cable Cat5e UTP,Cat6 UTP
Number of Cables 1pc
Connecting Cable Termination RJ45
Number of Outputs 1pc
Maximum Distance Between Baluns (cat5e) 40m
Input Connection HDMI Type-A
Maximum Distance Between Baluns (cat6) 50m
Output Connection HDMI Type-A
Product Dimensions
Width 102mm
Height 14mm
Depth 70mm
Warranty: 24 Months

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