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Construct It Platinum X Pterodactyl Sky Scavenger 162pcs

$14.99 $39.00

The Platinum X range from Construct It uses stainless steel parts which give each set a real "hefty" and solid feel to it. Children will love using the real tools to screw and secure each stainless steel into place as they bring to life this awesome pterodactyl. Construct It sets are not just fun, they also teach children new skills. As they are bringing to life this pterodactyl, they will be learning engineering skills. There is far more to Construct It than just putting one block on top of another like other construction-based sets. Construct It make sure that children know exactly what they are doing thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions that break down each step.

At 162 pieces, this is a great set for a child new to the world of Construct It or even a child who is always looking to add new sets to their collection. While building the pterodactyl is cool, they can also use the pieces and tools to come up with their own fun designs. It is a great way for them to embrace their creative side and put those newly learned engineering skills to use!

Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

This is a fun set!

They get to use real tools which are included in the box

Stainless steel pieces give this a really solid feel

Kids who love dinosaurs will have a great time with this set

Construct It sets are based around the principles of STEM learning