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DC9 - 32V CAR LED HEADLIGHTS 24W, 6000K (2pcs)

$49.00 $75.00


100% Brand New.

Focus Beam make headlights brighter . Using high efficient ,high display & not flash LED chips .Brighter than original lights 2-4 times.

Thickness of copper core better focus in the headlamp. Focus on creating further distances and dear objects .

More than 10,000 hours of long life-span. 60% energy saving than halogen.

Mini body size is easy for installation.

Advanced CSP chips to generate the stable bright lights with high lumen.

Circular ultra-thin design around the chips on both sides , can reduce the A-shaped dark area on the road as much as possible.

Using aluminum alloy for the whole body, heat transfer is better, heat releasing is faster.

Built-in drive with temperature control function, protect the lamp and reducing the failure rate

IP66 level, optimal water-proof and dust-proof program.


Voltage: DC9 - 32V


Power: 24W

Power: 2800LM

Power: 6000K

Waterproof: IP66

Material: Aviation Aluminum