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Dual Twin Siren Personal Alarm with LED Torch

$19.00 $24.90

Compact design, easy to carry and ideal for use on bags or as a key ring, this personal dual siren alarm is the perfect solution to vulnerable or threatening situations. Deter thieves and attackers with its loud dual 130dB sirens and powerful independent torch function which will strobe when the alarm is activated. Simply pull the rip-cord to pull out the pin. Replace the pin to deactivate the alarm. Also includes a LED light. Fantastic for travellers.


• Traditional ripcord or key chain activation
• New technology super loud siren
• Batteries included

Product Dimensions
Length 105mm
Width 28mm
Height 15mm
Power from disposable battery
Size / Shape Button - LR44 / SR44 / A76 / 357
Battery quantity 4pc
Batteries included yes
Batteries can be replaced by user yes
Battery used for Main Product
Compartment location Back
How is battery compartment kept closed Clip and Screw
Personal Security
General Type of Item personal alarm
Personal Alarm Activation Method Pull Keyring