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Eclipse AA Alkaline Batteries Pack of 100

$52.90 $59.90

If your home or office consumes a lot of batteries, then buying in bulk can save you a lot of money. This pack of 100 batteries is supplied in a hard plastic case so you always know where to find fresh batteries. The alkaline battery type is great to use on everyday household appliances such as remote controls, torches, toys, cameras, and more! 100% mercury and cadmium free.


DC Voltage : 1.5V

Width : 150mm

Height : 60mm

Depth : 150mm

Weight : 5.2kg

Battery Chemical Composition : Alkaline

Battery usage : Disposable

Connection Type : Nipple

Type of battery : disposable (AA, AAA, D, C. 9V, CR123a)

Battery Code : AA

Pack quantity : 100pc